OpenScape 4000

From the proven HiPath 4000, OpenScape 4000 has already sold more than 25 million ports in 80 countries across the globe.

The OpenScape 4000 is the convergent IP communication platform for companies with 300 to 100,000 employees. The feature-richness of the OpenScape 4000 is proven daily in more than 25,000 customer installations.

The future-proof architecture supports IP-distributed branch concepts and complex corporate networks as well as standalone systems.

With the new OpenScape 4000 V7 software architecture, it is designed to offer customers cost-effective communication choices to optimize and secure communications that help enterprises increase workplace productivity and effectiveness. As a powerful and highly available communications solution, it offers a rich set of endpoints, mobility choices, branch office solutions, unified communications and standards-based integration and interoperability with business-critical applications and systems. OpenScape 4000 supports this capability with its built-in assistant and powerful set of system management applications that are easy to use and provide a feature-rich capability to system administrators. Coupled with a strong global presence and availability of OpenScale services, it allows enterprises to maintain business continuity and to focus on their own strengths .

IT architecture Modular, stackable, reliable and seamless expandable

OpenScape 4000 V7 offers an ideal solution for an enterprise communications infrastructure – regardless of size and location requirements. With its modularity, the availability of scalable access points, software-based branches, plus powerful networking support – analog, TDM, or IP – it provides a perfect solution for seamless expansion and can be integrated in any IP infrastructure.

The OpenScape 4000 communication server is the high available central control unit with redundant power supplies and redundant LAN interfaces.

The OpenScape 4000 V7 duplex architecture enables complete redundancy for call control, CSTA application connectivity and administration, even in geo-separated locations.

The AP 3700 access points and the new OpenScape Access modules fit in a standard 19- inch shelf and are integrated directly in the IT infrastructure.

The OpenScape 4000 SoftGate application offers software-based and cost-effective OpenScape 4000 VoIP functionalities running on standard x86 server platforms.

The OpenScape 4000 communication server can be flexibly implemented in configurations to support smallest to the largest enterprise. It supports up to 15 directly connected access points plus 83 IP-distributed access points, OpenScape Access or SoftGate branches.

A maximum of 12,000 subscribers can be supported in these configurations per OpenScape 4000 communication server. Configurations with up to 100,000 users can be implemented without difficulty in networked systems.

The modular structure of OpenScape 4000 also enables cost-effective resilience solutions to be realized in small and mid-sized configurations.

OpenScape 4000 Server Deployments

The new architecture of the converged IP system OpenScape 4000 allows a pure software installation at a standard server that is equipped with a Linux operating system. With this software version, existing customer solutions can be migrated to a data center and IT-based solution in which traditional TDM and analog devices as well as CO trunks are still supported.

OpenScape 4000 V7 now offers two different deployment options:

• EcoServer

• VMware

Both deployment options support up to 12,000 users per EcoServer or VMware® deployment. Up to 100,000 users can be managed by the OpenScape 4000 Manager system administration software.


EcoServer is the new system control unit of OpenScape 4000. The 1,5-rackunits-sized, 19-inch housing contains the complete Simplex control unit including the alarm interfaces and connectors for AP3x00 Access Points. According to the Unify Green IT-Roadmap, we strive wherever it is possible to acquire environmental labeling. Unify is an active partner in the ENERGY STAR program for EnterpriseServer, and the OpenScape 4000 EcoServer has been certified by ENERGY STAR programm specification.


OpenScape 4000 can also run on VMware® infrastructure on a Linux host operating system and is qualified for the usage in data centers. This virtual solution offers high scalability in the same way like EcoServer hardware. High security requirements will be ensured by VMware® features, such as vMotion and High Availability.

OpenScape 4000 SoftGate application

The OpenScape 4000 SoftGate application provides cost-effective VoIP functionalities with reliable branch survivability options and an easy IT integration in the OpenScape 4000 solution and management suite. This new software application offers full HiPath feature access for IP endpoints and SIP connectivity for trunking and subscriber, based upon a standard server with Linux SLES 11 SP1.

Any OpenScape 4000 SoftGate site integrates seamlessly in the communication system and network like any IPDA access point (AP 3700 IP with HG 3500) – in terms of features and administration.

The open architecture of the OpenScape 4000 SoftGate application enables integration in a VMware® virtualization environment.

this application can also be used for the software-based implementation of music on hold as well as synchronous and asynchronous announcement texts.

The Secure Remote Subscriber function supports secure remote operating while providing the complete feature set. With this application, customers can reduce capital cost (CAPEX) plus operational cost (OPEX) and deploy centralized applications with uniform user experience.

OpenScape Access

OpenScape Access is a cost effective, 19-inch modular solution that can be deployed in survivable branch solutions and into your IT infrastructure.

It consists of flexible, stackable and high scalable 1U modules that provide all required analog, digital and DECT interfaces of a branch solution with OpenScape Access 500 and OpenScape 4000 SoftGate.

Access Point Emergency concept for branches

OpenScape 4000 AP-Emergency completes the survivability functionality for access points (AP), OpenScape Access 500, and OpenScape 4000 SoftGate branches.

With APE, continued operation is also possible in the event of a failure of the central call control or WAN Link failure to central call control. In the event of host system failure, the survivability function can assume control of one or several different access points (AP 3700, OpenScape Access 500, and/or OpenScape 4000 SoftGate); thus ensuring sustained communication capabilities within the enterprise. A prerequisite is that the APs controlled by a survivability unit still have a functional IP infrastructure. This gives you optimal security for all access points and IP branches connected to the OpenScape 4000 communication server.

Signaling and Payload Survivability for IP branches

This function performs that voice is routed via PSTN and signaling is routed via IP or PSTN survivability connections for IP branches. This expanded survivability functionality can be used as an alternative dynamic path if the IP network fails, all available VoIP resources are occupied, or IP quality is found to be poor. Also, static configuration of payload routing over PSTN can be used for smooth transformations of existing branch offices from PSTN to IP networking.

This flexible mix between IP and TDM networking for payload and best possible signaling capabilities allows the migration to homogeneous branch networks and the implementation of centralized applications at individual pace.

Software and features

The OpenScape 4000 software installed on the Linux SLES 11 SP1 operating system offers a full set of converged enterprise-class communication features.

Easy and flexible licensing

OpenScape 4000 Flex License is the new brand name for the flexible licensing concept that is used for the enterprise-class functionalities that are supported for the different subscriber and trunking interfaces.

Every analog, TDM, IP, cordless (DECT), and WLAN subscriber interface is part of the Flex License. The same is valid for every analog, TDM, and IP trunking interface.

Flex License offers the highest possible flexibility in license investments.

System features

• Integrated connectivity for analog, TDM, and VoIP subscribers

• Cost-saving Least Cost Routing for analog, TDM and IP trunks

• Integrated attendant functions

• Different time zones

• Multilingual user interfaces

• Virtual numbering plan

• Multi-tenant functionality

• Integrated FlexRouting for Contact Center

• Flexible configuration of local tones and announcements per branch office

• Branch survivability

• Gatekeeper redundancy for HFA subscribers

• Bandwidth resource manager for IP endpoints and branches

• Signaling (TLS) and Payload (SRTP) encryption for VoIP (Voice over IP) connections

• PKI integration for Signaling and Payload encryption

• CTI integration of business applications via CSTA III ASN1, CSTA XML

• XML Phones Services interface for easy and cost-effective workflow integration

• Call detail recording

• Display of a picture from an LDAP directory in a call

• Integration of SIP-based video endpoints

• Emergency dialing

• Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption (MLPP) User features

• Redial

• Speed dialing system/individual

• Name key

• Call journal

• Toggling

• Call transfer

• Call deflection

• Callback

• Message Waiting Indication

• Call waiting

• Call park

• Directed call park

• Do Not Disturb

• Flexible and enhanced call forwarding

• Eight-party conference

• Direct station selection key function

• Override and prevention of override

• Hotline

• Mobile HFA (network-wide user mobility)

• Personal ID number (PIN)

• Executive/secretary functions

• Intercom features

• Integrated multi-line key functionality

Network-wide hunt groups

• Network-wide pickup groups

• One-Number service – simultaneous ringing

• Charge display

• Acoustic and visual status for Signaling and Payload encryption

• … and much more

Regardless of whether you provide the desktops of your staff with digital system phones or IP phones of the OpenStage family, the handling or, respectively, the user interface to activate the features is identical on all phones.

Networking features

OpenScape 4000 can be connected to public and private networks via different interfaces such as analog, TDM, and IP trunks, and standard protocols such as ISDN, QSIG, and native SIP.

OpenScape 4000 also enables the creation and operation of efficient, homogeneous and economical global communication networks.

OpenScape Networking can be performed via ISDN or IP – always with the full CorNet-NQ feature offering. CorNet-NQ is a signaling protocol for private network solutions based on Siemens standards. It is aligned with the international QSIG private network protocol for private networks. SIP-Q based networking provides a full feature offering in any networking scenario between OpenScape 4000 and in combination with OpenScape Voice. With OpenScape 4000, the SIP-based IP networking is the preferred, secure, and future oriented standard networking mechanism of OpenScape 4000 systems.

The most significant advantages of these homogeneous networks include the following:

• Central administration with OpenScape 4000 Manager

• Deployment of central applications like OpenScape Xpressions and OpenScape UC

• Enhanced voice features such as call pickup group, call park, directed call pickup, call forwarding, callback on busy and callback no answer

• SIP trunking networkings via IPv4 and IPv6 networks

• SIP trunking to certified providers

• Optimized use of the corporate network through cost-optimized routing (Least Cost Routing, LCR)

Aboute Us

Payam Gostar Bellga Company was founded in the year 2003 as an official partner of SIEMENS in Iran in the area of sales and after-sale services of HiPath (IP Base) communication Systems. The company established by the aim of providing better solutions and developing the telecommunication industry in Iran. Since then, we have worked in different Hipath systems and trained many skilled specialists in the field of telecommunications. Since 2014 we have started our business with Unify as their official partner for openscape solutions. Also, we started our cooperation with OTN Systems as their premium partner since 2008 in the field of Fiber Optic Transmission. We have installed different OTN networks in many different enterprise corporations. Since our partnership with OTN and Siemens, we have attended many training courses and held several meetings in different countries to improve our knowledge and services. During these years, we have done so many projects in the local utility market such as Gas & Oil, Petrochemical, Electric, Metro, Rail way and other industrial segments.