DECT Devices

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications is a digital communication method by ETSI for cordless phones, mobile phones as well as for wireless data transfer. In Europe, DECT operates within a frequency range of 1,88 to 1,9 GHz. In the USA there is the adapted standard DECT@ISM working with 2,4 GHz.

The DECT standard fully specifies a means for a portable unit, such as a cordless telephone, to access a fixed telecoms network via radio. But, unlike the GSM standards, does not specify any internal aspects of the fixed network. Connectivity to the fixed network (that may be of many different kinds) is done through a base station or “Radio Fixed Part” to terminate the radio link, and a gateway to connect calls to the fixed network.

Unify offers a family of DECT Handsets that are ideal for employees who are constantly on the move, rarely staying in a single office long enough to warrant having a desktop phone. These Handsets enable locally mobile users to freely move about the office or campus with always-on access to a full range of HiPath and OpenScape calling features, excellent voice quality, low weight, and exceptional design.

The Unify DECT Phone family of Handsets operates with HiPath Cordlessinfrastructure to deliver industry leading cordless telephony solutions based on the DECT radio technology standard. With Cordless infrastructures from Unify and those DECT Handsets, employees can move freely across the office and yet still be reached by peers or customers at any time.

Award-winning design and intuitive user interface

A reserved frequency band and DECT-standard encryption ensure a high level of security

Seamless handover of active voice connections between overlapping Cordless base stations enables users to move across the office or campus without dropped calls or lost connections

Long standby and talk times

All DECT Handsets from Unify are made in Germany

Aboute Us

Payam Gostar Bellga Company was founded in the year 2003 as an official partner of SIEMENS in Iran in the area of sales and after-sale services of HiPath (IP Base) communication Systems. The company established by the aim of providing better solutions and developing the telecommunication industry in Iran. Since then, we have worked in different Hipath systems and trained many skilled specialists in the field of telecommunications. Since 2014 we have started our business with Unify as their official partner for openscape solutions. Also, we started our cooperation with OTN Systems as their premium partner since 2008 in the field of Fiber Optic Transmission. We have installed different OTN networks in many different enterprise corporations. Since our partnership with OTN and Siemens, we have attended many training courses and held several meetings in different countries to improve our knowledge and services. During these years, we have done so many projects in the local utility market such as Gas & Oil, Petrochemical, Electric, Metro, Rail way and other industrial segments.